know and generate profits with trading

 earn money with trading

In the stock markets, trading (in Spanish, stock market trading) is speculation on financial instruments with the aim of obtaining a profit.  Trading is mainly based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis and the application of a specific strategy to operate.

 People who practice the trading profession are known as traders (or, alternatively, operators or traders on their own account),[1] who can work independently, in an investment fund, in a bank or in another financial institution.[2] Traders are classified as scalpers, day traders, swing traders and position traders depending on the duration of their operations.  

The opposite of a trader is an investor, who operates by nature in the long term.  A trader can act as an intermediary agent, speculator, arbitrageur or hedge operator,
 with the aim of obtaining a profit.  In addition to being individual traders and managing their own capital, they can also manage third-party capital as money managers.

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