Bitcoin is the most bought asset of 2022, above Tesla and Apple


 The most bought asset of 2022 is bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most recurring purchase among our users, even more than many stocks you could think of,” Aparna Chennapragada, chief product officer at Robinhood, said this afternoon.

During the Bitcoin Conference 2022, Chennapragada stated that Bitcoin is the most purchased asset within the investment platform, ahead of Tesla and Apple.

This means that bitcoin is the asset on which there is a greater volume of periodic purchases on this platform. Many investors use periodic purchases to optimize their profits based on a fixed investment that is made with a certain frequency.

If we compare the growth, in terms of prices, of these three assets, we could see why investors are choosing Bitcoin, before other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and shares of companies such as Apple and Tesla.
For example, Apple grew 29% from June of last year to now, trading at USD 172. For its part, Tesla shares had a greater revaluation in that period of time, above 42%, with a current value in the $1,057 market

Bitcoin also saw significant growth between June of last year and this year, amounting to 27% of its current value of $44,000.

Considering the current moment of each asset, it is surprising that Robinhood investors choose bitcoin over Apple and Tesla. The reasons may lie in the fact that bitcoin has had two major revaluation periods in the span of a year, where it traded above $50,000 and highs above $60,000.

For many investors who bought BTC at $30,000, those gains would represent numbers in excess of 40%. According to analysts, the price of bitcoin could be worth 10 times its current value. Considerations in this regard abound, of course, and expert opinion also opts to see, in today's bitcoin price, a key moment for its future.

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