Google uses data from its users without their consent

The fact that Google collects a large amount of private data from users is nothing new, but, despite this, studies continue to come to light that uncover this type of practice.

The last one has been an investigation carried out by the University Trinity College of Dublin, where it is observed that the company receives, among other things, the telephone numbers, the communication time or the hours at which the communications were made through the applications. 'Messages' and 'Phone'.

Much of our information can be deleted manually, although on many occasions, we find this type of problem in the actions that are carried out without being aware of it. In this investigation, it has also been discovered that a lot of private data is being collected on Google servers.

The new measures will come into force in 2023.
Android apps will stop sharing your data with each other
In these two apps that are implicit in the vast majority of devices, Google stores enormous amounts of information that can be as subtle as how many times we have opened an application. From these two Google functions, phone numbers are collected, as well as the calls made, their duration and the time at which they occurred.

This supposes not only a problem with privacy, but also, the user is not aware of what data of his is being shared or the way in which it is being done, since Google sends the information through some Google Play services. and the platform does not offer any option to users to prevent further sharing of their data.

After making this information public, those responsible for Google have assured that they will make changes to both applications and one of their spokespersons indicated to the Trinity research team that they have "worked constructively with that team to answer the study's questions ” and put an end to illicit data trafficking

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