The Ibx increased to 8,400 points after chaining 5 random sessions


We will provide you with the most information on the stock market in Madrid and its changes in recent days

In Europe they hesitate after the latest rises and the European stock markets have closed the same and without major changes while the references to follow multiply

The war in Ukraine and talks with Russia continue and progress is expected since a neutrality plan was announced yesterday that would allow a ceasefire. and less red flags such as US military reinforcement and support in anticipation of further war.

In the days before the war in Urania monopolized oil in all markets, now investors find themselves with new fronts.

In the first two days of the week they unleashed a collapse that threatened to increase the instability of global markets. is the fear of further involvement in the war, in favor of Russia

The Beijing government came out yesterday to promise new support measures both for the economy and for all markets. This announcement from Beijing unleashed a historic upward turn in the case of its technology companies. today's new day has extended the rally in china, this provides relief in the rest of the market.

The Chinese economy could help mitigate the effects that the new century of rising interest rates will have on growth.



Therefore, the Spanish stock market has continued its bullish streak and has chained its fifth session of increases. were the four previous sessions were settled with advances close to four per cent as a whole and in little more than a week the comeback had reached fifteen per cent

The Ibex, after several changes of sign during the session, has closed with a rise of 0.38 percent to the 8,440 points with which it closed the day before the declaration of war in Russia

   The Banks and Inditex have acted as a brake today. the banking sector has corrected part of the advances registered by showing the increases that have been approved in these last hours. Banco Sabadell, with a presence throughout the British market through TSB, has recommended 2.38 per cent after the Bank of England after the wars, today was less blunt in predicting an aggressive escalation in Santander rates

In the rest of the European stock markets it has closed without definitive trends. The German dax closed with cuts while the French Cac dismissed the session with advances

Forex market operators are also avoiding accelerating dollar purchases after the fed. the upward trend of the federal reserves had spread well in advance in the last

months and the measures were already discounted in the value of the ticket 

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