The dollar increased 0.14% above the normal rate.

The dollar closed at $3,785.52 on average, which represents a fall of $0.14 compared to the Representative Market Rate (TRM), which for today's session stood at $3,785.66

The opening price recorded by the Set-FX platform was $3,800, while the high reached $3,808 and the low $3,775. During the day, US$952 million were traded through 1,838 transactions.

Stocks rose and sovereign bonds steadied on Monday as investors weighed economic risks from inflation and tighter monetary policy against prospects for continued growth.

US futures turned positive while Europe's Stoxx 600 advanced. Most Asian stocks lost ground, and Chinese stocks fell as a virus outbreak sparked concerns about disruptions to business operations.

Global bonds stabilized after an earlier decline, in which five-year Treasury yields rose above those on 30-year notes. Japan's 10-year rate rose even after the country's central bank announced two unlimited buying operations to keep yields below the top of their permitted range.

Shares of major US energy companies fell in premarket trading as oil fell on concerns about demand in China, the world's biggest crude importer. Cryptocurrency-exposed stocks gained as Bitcoin turned positive for 2022. Gold pulled back.

A growing number of money managers are betting that stock indices have already largely priced in bearish moves in bonds, as equity strategists from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to JPMorgan Chase & Co. assure investors stocks that there is no need to worry about the US Treasury yield curve yet. .

Still, the war in Ukraine continues to disrupt supplies of key commodities, fueling inflation risks that are contributing to expectations of more aggressive Fed tightening. Mobility restrictions in China may fuel concerns about rising costs.

“The risk of a recession over the next two years has increased dramatically as we now have a central bank that will ultimately have to kill off the recovery to control inflation,” Kellie Wood, deputy head of fixed income at Schroders Australia, told Bloomberg. "It looks a lot like 1994, when we think the US cash rate may go up to 2.5-3% in 12-18 months," she added.

Tesla Inc. plans to suspend production at its Shanghai plant for at least a day, people familiar with the matter said. The electric vehicle maker rose in premarket trading after saying it plans to seek shareholder approval for a move that would allow another stock split.

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