Why is the United States so unemployed?

That's when it occurred to him to offer a $300 bonus for the cook position and a $150 bonus for waiters, in addition to other monetary incentives based on job performance.
Those same kinds of offers to attract employees are everywhere.
Not only have they had to raise salaries, but companies are also offering payment for university degrees, health insurance, more flexible hours, bonuses and even money just for attending an interview.

So much so that job openings in June reached a record 10.1 million, according to figures from the Department of Labor.
Those most urgent for labor are restaurants, hotels, food chains, supermarkets, retail businesses, and the entertainment industry.

The pandemic was really tough, especially because my bosses weren't taking wearing masks very seriously and were letting people go without them."

Like her, there are many other people whose job forces them to work in closed places or in permanent contact with clients, leaving them exposed to a higher level of contagion.

And with the delta variant of the coronavirus now causing a spike in cases across the country, the labor market is moving in some pretty unpredictable territory.
"All my employees are working 6 or 7 days a week because we lack staff," Carlos Gazitua, president of the Sergio's restaurant chain in Florida, told BBC Mundo.

The dishwashers he has managed to hire for his restaurant kitchens are being paid $19 an hour, when before the pandemic employees in that role used to earn no more than $12.
The phenomenon has the authorities with the radar on.

“We are now behind our peers in labor force participation, which is not where we want to be as a country,” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said at a Senate banking committee hearing in mid-July.
"We need to work as a society to make sure people find their way back into the workforce."
At the center of the debate on the reasons that explain the phenomenon there are two main positions.
Those who believe that people do not want to work because they prefer to live on the social benefits that the government provides to the unemployed as a result of the pandemic (US$300 a week).

And those who argue that the issue is much more complex.
Although most of the vacant jobs are those that have traditionally paid the lowest wages, certainly the shortage of workers has permeated broader sectors of society.
Precisely because it is not a homogeneous mass of people, the reasons for understanding this phenomenon are as different as the people who are experiencing it.


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