You can now use a fee-free Bitcoin payment network on Kraken

 New payment methods for bitcoin

It took longer than expected, but the integration was finally complete. Centralized exchange Kraken has implemented Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) services, after several months of waiting following its announcement more than a year ago.

Within the application you can see the section aimed at LN de Bitcoin (BTC), the micropayment solution of the first cryptocurrency. It is an integration announced in December 2020 and that was finally implemented in that exchange house.

The CriptoNoticias team confirmed the integration through the Kraken portal, where Lightning-supported deposit and withdrawal options are enabled and fully operational.

As you can see, invoices – or invoices – and the relevant QR codes can be generated, which expire in 10 minutes, through which up to a maximum of 10 million sats can be deposited at lightning speed and with extremely low fees.

At the same time, you can proceed to pay –or withdraw– with LN, under the same precepts. However, it is good to clarify that, according to Kraken, a minimum of 0.00010000 BTC can be withdrawn from that centralized platform.

The news was confirmed this Thursday, March 31, to CriptoNoticias by the Kraken press department. In an email, they told us that the implementation was successful.

Pierre Rochard, who is the Bitcoin product manager at Kraken, indicated that Bitcoin has proven to be an effective store of value over the last decade, a time when its use as a global currency has become widespread.

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